I have set up two sortable lists, and can drag elements between the two, updating the order field in my database.

However, rather than moving elements into a second sortable list, I simply need to delete them.

So I think I need to use Droppables.add, and drag elements from the sortable list onto it?

Sortable List - (simplified)
<ol id="firstlist" style="cursor: move">
<li id="item_'.$id.'">blah blah</li>
<li id="item_'.$id.'">blah blah</li>

<script type="text/javascript">
 function updateOrder()
		var options = {
			method: "post",
			parameters: { data: Sortable.serialize("firstlist")}
		new Ajax.Request("sortorder_test_call.php", options);

		{ dropOnEmpty:false,handle:'handle',containment:["firstlist","wastebin"],constraint:false,onUpdate:updateOrder});
So I made a div area called Wastebin

  <div id="wastebin">
    i.e. Drag item here to delete

 function nutscrape()
	var options = {
		method: "post",
		parameters:'id=' + encodeURIComponent(element.id)
	new Ajax.Request("delete.php", options);
	{containment:["firstlist","wastebin"], accept: 'firstlist', onDrop: nutscrape});

I know the last JavaScript function etc is very wrong. I am new to this.

Please can someone give some pointers as to how this is supposed to be set up?

Thanks very much in advance.