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    Post reload website from a window

    Hi, I hope anybody can help me. So here is my problem:

    I have a normal website. From this website I have opend a window with this code :

    javascript openwin('mylinks.htm','mylinks','toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=no,width=650,height=500')

    Now i want that, when the window is closed, the normal website is reloaded. Therefore i have insert this code in der window :

    <BODY onUnload="window.reload()">

    But somehow i need a name for the normal website, so that the computer knows which window he should reload.

    As somebody on a other board told me i had to name the
    normal window fist with a code like: = "main";

    Where do I have to insert this code ( = "main"; ) in the website?

    And how do I insert the name of the website in the code of the window?
    <BODY onUnload="window.reload()">

    Thanks for your help.

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    when you open a pup-up window with javascript, you can reference the "main" window as "opener"
    so, try this in your pop-up:
    <BODY onUnload="opener.document.location=opener.document.location">
    somehow I had troubles applying the "reload()" to teh opener, but have successfully done it with teh document.location trick
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