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    Having some trouble getting Ruby on Rails working

    Well i'm an absolute RoR newbie. Lets get that out of the way first. I started learning Rails slowly a few months ago, following the tutorials. Anyhow, when I went through his tutorial on the site I had no problem getting everything ready to code in Rails. I had Leopard already on my Mac and it came with everything i needed. Great. The other day I had to reinstall Leopard on my Mac because of some problems. I Erase and Installed the OS and when i did this i assumed that i was once again going to have no problem getting Ruby on Rails. After the clean install was all done, I installed MySQL and got it working on my Mac, then i go to update Rails just to double check things...and i get this in my Terminal (look to the attached PNG). Trying to run my script/server in the App gets the same message. So thats where I'm stuck.

    ANY insight and help would be very much appreciated.
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