I am looking for a most likely a cms that can be the following:

A picture upload and manipulation site similar to www.icanhascheezburger.com. It will allow website visitors to view user submitted pictures. Visitors can also comment on each picture and rate the pictures. Users will not need to sign in to post comments or vote for a picture. The highest rated pictures from the voting page will be promoted to the home page. Visitors can either upload a picture from their computer or select one of the available pictures and add text overlay onto the picture. The picture will go to the administrator for approval and if approved the administrator will move the picture to the voting page. Periodically, the highest rated pictures from the voting page will be moved to the home page by the administrator. Old pictures will be stored in the archive pages.

I know this site uses wordpress which is fine, but I do not see a plugin that provides the upload, caption that they have (http://mine.icanhascheezburger.com). It looks like it is a separate script done in asp.

Looking for something in LAMP basically. If the plugin isn't out there for wordpress or drupal or joomla do you know what it would cost to get it made?

Thanks for your help!