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    Smile Please Help: Question On Alexa / Search Engine Ranking

    Hi everybody;

    I have a website that I had it built on ASP platform.

    If I change the platform from ASP to let say JSP or any other platform down the road, would it affect?
    1- Alexa ranking
    2- Google / Search engine ranking.

    If so, how it would affect?

    Thanks for your help and best wishes to you all.
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    Nope, it wouldn't affect anything because JSP, ASP, PHP are all server side scripts whilst search engines only care about the output HTML

    However, there's a couple of factors to consider

    1 - Alexa ranking is calculate purely by the amount of visitors to your site that have the Alexa toolbar installed.

    2 - You need to consider if the filename with extensions are being indexed. For example, if you have news.asp and this becomes news.php for example then you'll be best to 301 redirect the page so that search engines and humans can find the correct page.

    Hope that helps.


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