Ive been struggling with the literature on my website, trying to think how to best word how the accessibility features work and who they are designed for.

I know many disabled people are sensitive about being called disabled (and other things). Especially if their disability is quite a new thing.

People who are Internet Disabled, are different to people who are disabled otherwise. For example, someone who cant use their legs, could use the internet no differently to most, but someone who is blind for instance obviously has more difficulty on the internet.

Is there a polite non-offensive term that refers to people who have internet specific disabilities?

tesco.com say:
We have aimed to create sites that are available to everyone including those with sight, audio and motor impairment restrictions.
still not a single word though, maybe we need to invent one lol.

here's some I have thought of, but a Non-Acronym woule be better:
People with SAMIR (Sight, Audio and Motor Imparement Restrictions)?
People with IRD (Internet Restricting Disabilities)?
People with CRD (Computer Restricting Disabilities)?