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    I am setting up a website that I need to have a database, I think. My question is what do I need in order to have the site run the database and what am I able to use to modify the database entries on regularly. I am using Liunux with Apache web server. So can I use something like an access database.. Any pointers in the right direction will be a great help.

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    While it might be possible to run Access on your Linux box, I would strongly recomend mySQL. It is free, fast and stable...

    Chances are that your host already has mySQL installed (it is very common) in which case you just need them to give you a username and password. If they do not have a database set up, you can download it from and compile it (check with your host first!).

    To interact with the database you will need either CGI, PERL or PHP. They all come with tightly integrated functions to manipulate mySQL databases.

    Finally, to make your work super easy, I would download phpMyAdmin from which is a very nifty interface to your databases. It is as easy to use as Access (on your home PC), it is free and takes about two minutes to install.

    I hope all this helps.


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