The benefit of using MAILTO is when the user clicks on them, they open the users e-mail application and populates the TO area of a new e-mail message.

Problems with MAILTO links
  • Spammers have created systems to harvest web sites looking for e-mail address.

  • Users are accessing the internet from devices other than their PC’s which normally do not provide access to an e-mail application.

  • MAILTO does not work with web based mail applications.

There are probably many other issues surrounding MAILTO, but I think people get the point.

The purpose of this post is to determine how others have made e-mail addresses accessible and easy to use for the user while also working around the issues with MAILTO.

My specific purpose to using MAILTO was that I am providing a directory to users which contain Name, Phone Number, E-Mail address. My original intent was to have the e-mail address a link using MAILTO but this is not an acceptable option after considering the issues surrounding MAILTO. A possible option I am evaluating is providing a link when the user mouses over the e-mail address that says “Copy E-Mail to Clipboard”. Before I actually implement this approach, I wanted to see how others addressed this situation to see if there was a more user friendly option.

If you have a different idea, I would appreciate some feedback on it.

Thanks in advance for your time.