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    I already posted this, but haven't got a satisfactory answer. Does anyone know an advertsing script that cun run on an NT SERVER and that doesn't have any major bugs? Please don't refer me to A cheap(or free) version would be real nice.

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    Actually you might want to look into something from Their goal is to be a resource for ASP like Cgi Resources is for PERL.
    IIS and ASP come with a component called "Ad Rotator Component" that pratically handles everything for you. An ASP script to rotate your advertisements could be done in as little as 4 lines.
    dim myAd as object
    set myAd = Server.CreateObject("MWSC.AdRotator")
    set myAd = nothing

    The schedule.txt file contains your ads in blocks that look like:
    REDIRECT /Someurltoredirecttoifwanted
    Width 468
    height 60
    border 1
    Ad text here
    20 ' impressions or the weight of the add. Higher numbers mean more showings.

    and repeat the section after the asterisk for each ad. If you need more help email me or look at some of the tutorils listed at

    Wayne Luke
    Internet Media Provider

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