If any of you have done any DHTML, you know the hell you go through with positioning. I am in the same boat. I have a navigation menu system that functions very well, and another layer that needs to be positioned on the right hand side of the screen with a small margin. The margins have to be different for different screen resolutions for it to look right. This sounds like an easy task but it is not turning out that way. I have a JS that I am writting to sort out the resolution of the screen with a simple if statement, then I make simple calculations to position the stuff. The layer that I need on the right shows up fine for a 1024 width screen, but not the 800, and i know that my syntax is right because I ran a test to see what the calculations were coming out to be with an alert box. The script filters out the different resolutions correctly, but on a 800 resolution, the right hand layer is off the screen to the right. This is a portion of the script as it is in Netscape, I don't have this problem with the IE version. Why doesn't this work?

if (screen.width == 800){
document.rcolumn.left = screen.innerWidth - (document.rcolumn.clip.width + 15);