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    using javascript to read the contents of a directory - on CD

    Right then....

    I have an application on CD (or flashdrive) that has alot of images in it. What I need to do is to get rid of the need to run a server off the disk as well. One thing the server side php code does is to read the image folders and compile a file list which is then used by the javascript to animate and manipulate the imagery.

    So - your thoughts please.

    I know Javascript cannot read local directories from a webserver but I am running this locally.
    I know that there is the FSO file system object but dont know if it is appropriate

    I could use php to run the script prior to writing the app to CD and compile a file list that could then be inserted....

    Any other thoughts/ suggestions etc?!
    Mike Swiffin - Community Team Advisor
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    1. You can install php with your application and call it as an executable
    2. You can save the php output as static html files on the cd

    #2 is simpler, as long as you do not allow writing new files to the cd


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