On Exchange 5.5, which I inherited from our MCSE when we downsized:

about a year ago, we noticed sending MS-Office attachments stalled out in the queue, and they normally never left the server

we dug around trying to find out what changed, and about the same time the MCSE did a demo on enterprise virus software, as well as a handful of patches (typical, hey?)

to root out the problem, which M$ denies any knowledge of, nor anyone else on any message boards or news, we tested several office formats, etc.

seems that anything with any XML format (Office 2000+) is stalling

if we send it as Office 95/97 compatible it goes through

but our corporate guys don't want to hassle with changing formats back and forth with the several companies we do business with

any ideas?

before I format and start over

(Exchange 2k on Win2K is an option of last resort)