Hey folks, I've got a wierd one I need to see if I can get some help with.

I try to test everything I do for compatability with both IE and Netscape. I have three pages that are cold fusion templates and have Javascripting imbedded. They are all in the same directory. The java applets are the fphover.class that is included with Front Page 2000.

It should be mentioned here that everything works perfectly fine in Internet Explorer

One of the pages pulls up fine, no problems whatsoever. The other two pages, which are simple derivatives of the first page, will not load in Netscape. I get a message at the bottom "Applet fphover stopped" on both pages.

The pages are: [url="http://www.connecttexoma.com/dir/dir.cfm?Name=A]http://www.connecttexoma.com/dir/dir.cfm?Name=A[/URL"] <-- This is the one that works in both Netscape and IE http://www.connecttexoma.com/dir/spec.cfm http://www.connecttexoma.com/dir/examp.cfm

The last two do the same thing, they will load the background screen and stop. Viewing the source of the page shows that the rest of the informaiton is there.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Hatton Humphrey

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[This message has been edited by kc5sig (edited February 06, 2000).]