This may be the wrong forum for this question - sorry if it is. I have a copyright question:

I co-own a web development company. The other co-owner and I came across a topic we disagree upon the other day. In developing a site for a client, I simply included &#copy - 2002 "their company" in the footer, as I usually do w/ any clients' sites. My colleague argued that we should include our company as the copyright owner, because the material on the website was created, and therefore owned, by us. I disagreed, stating that this was a small detail and that following his suggestion could end up being a source of un-needed dispute put forth by the company whose site we were developing.

What is the standard procedure in this matter? I'd rather simply include the company as the copyright owner, and it seems to make sense because, although we're developing their website, they still have ownership of the images, copy and other assets contained in the site. Is this a judgement call or is there a hard and fast rule as to what I should do?

Thanks in advance for responses.