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    Can we find out whose googeling us?

    Is there a way to find out who is googeling our name? I know my hosting service offers ways to find the IP address.

    I read somewhere that if you take out a Google Ad that's one way. I'm not really sure since I did not try.


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    it's me i'm googling you, sorry.

    the only ways you can find out who's searching for you is

    1. take out adwords on every keyword you can think of and see how many people visit. they may not click your ad but you'll get a good idea of market size.

    2. count your own stats from people who were referred to your site via google, yahoo etc. But this just gives you people who made it all the way to your site, not people who stopped at the search results or clicked a different link.

    Combine 1 and 2 and you have a decent system for figuring out the size of your intended market and how well you're actually doing (impressions on search results pages vs actual visitors on your site). In fact, entire sections of this site are dedicated to concepts like this


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