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    Why Bother Bidding on an Auction when

    I have been bidding on a few auctions lately and I just don't get it...

    twice now I have had the highest bid, yet I get a PM from the auction owner that he as recieved a higher private bid even though that bid is NOT posted...How can this be an auction?

    This has happened twice....I have the highest bid...and then shortly before the bid ends...5-8hours I get this PM that they have received a higher bid and that it is private....but not posted...

    Then what is the sense of even bidding?

    To me there is none...

    I have now lost out on 2 properties I would of liked to own, yet there is stuff going on behind the scenes supposedly in which to me has left me NOT wanted to bid in the auctions for sites...


    Is this the way it has always been?

    If so, i need to just walk away and not partake in the bidding process because it is worthless..

    To me, I don't know if the owner is just jacking the price trying to get more or if someone is really bidding behind the scenes and NOT actually putting his or her bid up on the site...

    Anyways....this has left me soured on this process for is a waste of time


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    I've never participated in any, but it sounds bogus to me. Unless it specifically says private bids can be submitted. Maybe the seller forgot to set a reserve price and didn't want to settle for a lesser amount so is making up the private bid?


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