I was not aware of this form and the coments posted about Alstrasoft. With out knowing this I made a great mistake.

Alstrasoft clone acripts to be true are full of bugs.

I purchased their e-friends and video share with my mistake of not researching about the company fully.

They are very good trying for a sale. but their scripts are really full of bugs. I have never come across such a worst company and worse scripts being sold for such a huge price.

Script is so very basic and kiddish that it will not support any large scale. Also it is with full of Bugs.

Their scripts never work with the read me instruction given by them. Alstrasoft makes it in such a way that it does not work and finally try make us aske for installation.

Totally no email support reply and no phone support, coz they are fake.

The toll free number is US number and they are in Singapore, faking the market to have a US brand sale.

US must BAN Alstrasoft from Faking the US and the world market.

I am not sure on where to make a complaint about this company as they are F****g worse in their support service and product supplied.

I had a very terrible experience with Alstrasoft and still my site does not work properly.

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P.S: Do not waste your money in buying any of the Alstrasoft Products