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    transformNode not working in firefox

    Hi All,

    I have my javscript code as following to apply xslt for the xml content present inside a div tag. This code works in ie. But not working in FireFox , Safari.

    var strStyle = document.getElementById(“sStyle”).XMLDocument;
    document.getElementById(“wd”).innerHTML = document.getElementById(“forxml”).transformNode(“strStyle”);

    here is the piece of code in my asp file where the xml transformation is taking place.

    <XML ID="forxml" HEIGHT="0" WIDTH="0"><%=sentence%></XML>
    <XML ID="sStyle" SRC="aod.xsl"></XML>

    <div id =”wd”></div>

    the asp variable sentence holds the xml tag information .

    This code works perfectly in Internet Explorer and the styles are applied. But its not at all working in FireFox. styles are not applied.

    Its displaying error message as “transformNode not a function in firefox”

    Please give me suggestions how to rectify this…. Really struggling with this for the whole week..

    Thanks in advance.

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