I have search for months and months for resource sites with updated content and templates/scripts for Miva scripts.

The official site http://www.miva.com doesn't have much from the standard message board, search engine scripts. I am looking for particular Miva scripts I can install on my Simplenet hosted Eva2000.com site.

I plan to save up for Cobalt Raq3i hosting in the future so I know that my sites will continue to support Miva.

I am particularly looking for freeware Miva scripts for a

* Voting poll system - which has unlimited answer options.

* News updating script - to be incorporated into current web site layout using SSI or something or Miva

* Ratings script for drop down 1 to 10 ratings of something.

* Links engine sort of like the search one for perl scripts but in Miva that actually adds to categories and sorts alphabetically.

All these would have to be Miva scripts. Does anyone know of a up to date source or resource site for these ? Or know of a Miva scripts programmer I can contact ?