New here but veteran to marketing for 11 years...

I own various products and servicing websites, and over time have found that diversifying my slate to more than one network can prove to be beneficial however also has it's consequences.

If you are a publisher or run an AM management firm, do you put up offers/products to more than one network? I have products spread out through ClickBank, CJ, eBAY, and manage others programs through various networks.

Scenario: You own 5 products (each have their own site), you want them on CB and CJ. You create 5 accounts at CB (for their own marketplace listings/analytics ease). You create a master account at CJ.
* You duplicate all sites in order to facilitate the different checkouts.
* You duplicate all AFF marketing material and resource centers.
* You try to keep pricepoints and commission even so no wars start.
* Your recruitment and sales potential doubles - OR gets diluted/spread thin.
***What's your experience(s)??

Scenario2: You have clients within various networks and you're managing their programs, and some of them request to be listed on various networks:
* All of the above applies, your reporting tasks double.
* Some networks offer support/most don't - they may list you on a forum or email to their network that a new merchant is on board, but we all know that manual and outsourced recruitment is needed .
* Bigger management fee's apply, but good problem to have.
**What's your experience(s)?

If you are a prominent publisher/aff/manager I'd love to hear some stories about your cross pollination efforts and pros/cons.