I have a question about Adbrite. I apologize for posting in this forum about it but I cannot find the answer on their own website and there isn't a forum to post about it there. I have two zones for one of the websites I have listed with Adbrite. One of the zones is a traditional 480x60 banner that rotates and I get CPM for that one. However the other is a text only right bar ad. I placed both of the ads int he same category on Adbrite. Only the Banner ad shows and it shows N/A next to it to where no one can purchase the space. But the OTHER ad, the one where I was intending to actually have folks purchase text ads, doesn't even appear in the list. Viewers can still click "Your Ad here" on the site but by just looking for the site without entering through it you would never find it in Adbrite's list. Does anyone know what would cause this?