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Thread: Zend Framework

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    Question Zend Framework

    I've been looking at the Zend Framework recently and it has a lot of useful classes and such. It really looks nice and obviously you do not need to use the whole framework which is also nice. But I was asking myself was there a compelling reason for myself to implement their controller, view and router system into my applications.

    My system is setup as follows right now:

    Request comes in the form of index.php?s=controller&a=action. Which also can be changed via simple mod_rewrite to be more search engine friendly where necessary.

    index loads some things and puts them into a registry which is passed to the controller. The controller is loaded via the php5 auto loader. The controller inherits things from it's module base controller (admin, user ect.) which inherits a really stripped down controller. I try to make each controller do one basic thing. So one controller to add, one to edit, one to delete ect.

    On the view stand point I just extend smarty and save a list of templates each time one is added. Then when the controller is done the index calls a function that parses the templates that were added by the controllers.

    So I'm wondering does it sound like there really is a compelling reason to change this part of my setup? I've looked at other frameworks and they all like to do the same thing. All of course with a lot of overhead involved.
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    I like it for the same reason I like to use Javascript Libraries. Why recreate the wheel when a team of developers have done and tested it already. It handles a lot of things for you so you can focus on simply making the site do what you want it to do.


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