I am mainly a web designer with a sprinkle of PHP for good measure but I am really asking this question on behalf of my father. So here's a bit of background...

He's been a doctor in the UK in infectious diseases (tuberculosis, aids, malaria, etc.) for over 30 years. About 15 years ago he got intersted in programming and as a spare time thing he learnt VisualDBase. He ended up producing an application called the 'Tuberculosis Control Program' in VisualDBase 5 which is used by hospitals to catalogue cases, provide administration (letters, appointment scheduling, etc.) and produce reporting.

A certain UK medical software development company bought the program from him (although he retained control) and it has ended up being used by a dozen or so large hospitals in the UK to help with their Tuberculosis care and they have all found it very useful. Then the UK company was bought by a US company and they basically shelved the product as they thought there was little to gain from continuing to develop it but he still gets call every month or so from hospitals asking whether they could get hold of it. He has to say no and it seems like such a waste.

Now for my question. He would like to produce a web-enabled version and this is the kind of application that I think the web was invented for. Imagine what it could do by providing the facility to hospitals in countries where Tuberculosis is a huge problem, e.g. in African countries, to manage their tuberculosis care. He is unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, unwilling to spend another five years of his life learning ASP or such (and I doubt my Mother would let him!), but I have heard that the latest release of VisualDBase, dB2K is web-enabled although I hear nothing about it as PHP and ASP have stolen the web-programming show.

Has anyone out there used VisualDBase or dB2k for web applications? Do you know of any examples where it has been used? How difficult would it be to transport his application (2.88 Megs of compiled code!) to dB2K? Or any other advice as to how I could help get this going again.

Thanks in advance (for reading all this anyway!)