in the past i have had a very fast search of the database for shops and services.

the tables are shop, category and shoplookup.

when a user in my site clicks on menu item category, a list of categories comes up and when they select a given category a search through the manytomany shoplookup file (listing only shop_id and cat_id) collects the data from the shop table. maybe 600 shops total with name, addy, and about 4 or 5 more fields.

about a week ago the time for the search went from almost instant (click blink and it was there) to over a minute.

i have been doing some redesign and this comes in the midst of the redesign note the new front page. now that has a dtd with a transitional DTD and note the old pages with the 3.2 dtd set.

i do not see this as a problem but could some one glance at the pages and if you have noticed a writing about this, let me know.

the hosting server has also recently up graded to the latest php 4 (some extension).

just if something occurs - i will be working on it as well.