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    Big Cookie Problems (serverside)

    Edit, Changed host, problem solved.

    Hello, i belive this is in the right place, although it is serverside I think i can isolate it to php configuration.

    Anyway i have a site that on my home server worked reliably, upon moving it to my clients server, the cookies do not work, ever. I cannot get his server to send a cookie, i used this code and it sent nothing.

    $value = 'something';

    setcookie("TestCookie", $value);

    i also used about 4 similar combinations of other things you can put into setcookie(), basicly cookies are disabled.

    His phpinfo()

    Which includes:
    session.use_cookies On

    My phpinfo()

    I thought it may have been register_globals at first, but i disabled mine and cookies still work.

    What other php setting could disable cookies?
    Is it possible that he has some overpowering application thats not a php setting?

    Basicly, what can i do?

    thanks for any help you may have, im willing to try whatever it takes untill this works.
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