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    Simple JS for Rating Comments, Content Entries?

    My site admin is looking for a simple, easily implemented server-side JS (or perhaps Ajax, or even PHP) bit that can add a basic ratings object to content entries in our site (not a blog). Our database is primarily MySQL-driven, and is a proprietary system, not a commercial CMS. I've found a few leads on the Web, but they're fairly scattershot; most seem to be integral parts of particular CMSes and not standalone operations. Since I don't know JavaScript from Jabba the Hutt, I thought I'd ask this community. It could be a simple numerical ratings system (i.e. 1-5), or something as simple as + and - . Most importantly, it would need to be easily added and not particularly intrusive. Any ideas?

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    Yes it could be easily added.

    As some people won't have javascript enabled, you'll need to it working first without javascript.

    An easy way is to link to a php ratings script with user id, entry id and rating embedded in the querystring.

    Once that's working you can build upon it, and use Ajax Star Rating scheme, and modify the links so that the onclick event is cancelled in preference for the Ajax one instead.

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    i think you could try the Hiox Star Rating System script, it's based on rating on the basis of stars..

    I'm using this for most of my sites . As rating is considered based on the url it's easy to use in many pages in a single site.

    Another script would also work for u.. but i like the first one

    And there's also a commercial version for multiple star rating system where u can place multiple ratings on a single page for diff contents..
    i haven't used this until now.
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