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    Smile Report a site problem - Take action!

    I have been really, really fed up with all these poor IE-only and Frontpage web sites lately, and all these stupid web sites that say "Please update to Firef#@%" so I developed a pretty simple system this afternoon, it's a button that allows you to report a problem to the webmaster of a web site. For each broken web site, you have only to find out the email address of the webmaster and then it's stored to the database. Next time some one complains about the site, the email address of the guy is already filled in the form and your information as well so you just have to check the options and submit. I already reported the web site that has a navigation menu that doesn't work. The navigation bar seems to have been designed by a 5 year-old kid...

    Anyway, you can get started clicking the link in my signature.

    We need to harrass these guys so they realize that everybody doesn't use IE and Firefox.
    Spread the word!
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    I like the menu. It is simple and clean... but yes, I would have expected to work in Opera, too


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