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    <select> menu highlight....

    Ok so I have the code:

    Code HTML4Strict:
    <select name="project" id="project" multiple>
    					<option value="Hack Installation" class="input">Hack installation ($29 each))</option>
    					<option value="Matching Button Sets" class="input">Matching button sets ($79)</option>
    					<option value="Custom Post-bit" selected="selected" class="input">Custom post-bit Template ($59)</option>
    					<option value="Logo Design" class="input">Logo design ($99)</option>
    					<option value="Banner Designer" class="input">Banner design in various sizes ($20+)</option>
    What I want to know is how can I make it so that when it is choosen, the text doesn't switch to white and stays black.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Styling select tags has been bugging me a lot recently too... for one thing even if you apply styling Safari just ignores it and uses it's own default styling, ugh. Unfortunately my searches did little more than frustrate me even more. The best I've come across is Nice Forms ( which basically let's you style all aspects of forms, but it is buggy (e.g. selects don't have scroll when it gets long, no keyboard letter control etc.) and unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone is developing this "plugin" anymore, but it's worth a look if complete styling is important to you.


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