hi all, hope someone can help me..

I have a database including these tables :


to simplify things right down, lets say a row in "games" looks like this :

id | p1id | p2id | level

and "players" :

id | name | surname

how can I, in 1 query, join these 3 queries :

SELECT * FROM games WHERE p1id OR p2id=1 (select all games that player with id=1 has played in)
SELECT * FROM players where id=games.p1id (select player1's details)
SELECT * FROM players where id=games.p2id (select player2's details)

using an inner join, I managed to get the game data and player 1s details in there, but when it comes to player2, there are duplicate field names..how to get around this problem?

in a nutshell, I need to join 1 row in a table to 2 rows in another..

any help?