Hi, If this question is more apropriate for Hosting than please let me know and I will go there. What bought me to even be interested in learning ROR was I saw it in contorl panel of my hosting provider, looked it up, and am here now. The thing is I do not know is if my hosting proivder Mediatemple is any harder or easier to set up than others. One of the tutorials that I tried to unsucessfully follow is:
I followed the install tutorial provided by Mediatemples Knowledge Base, and the testapp example they have you build does not give the version info:
I am convinced that it has something to do with the .yml file or that ODBC stuff that I have not delved into.
I have looked at most of the Knowledge Base articles, and have figured that it has something to do with the SSH itself.
This is the one thing that I have not tried, or have left to try, when I am in the SSH command line, I was told that there is a SSH plug in requirement (a ruby file) that I need to upload and add to each and every config file, or that I needed to add a class that would force the ssh to go through.
Have other people had this much of a problem with there hosting provider? I saw in my friends BlueHost server that Ruby was already set up. I decided to focus on learning ROR by using InstantRails on my computer, but eventually I have to go back to my server and slog through the setup.
So does any one have any general ideas, or did they have a similar experience with Mediatemple or their hosting provider?