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    Question Selingl Advertising Space Directly... But How Much To Charge?

    Ive been thinking of replacing the AdSense banners on my site with banners that I sell directly to businesses/webmasters.

    Ive tested this on one of my sites that made very little on AdSense and it was a success. However there is a larger site and I do not know what I should be pricing Advertising space.

    Its a file-sharing/upload website (like rapidshare) that is in the top 25k on Alexa, gets about 25 - 30 thousand pageviews per day...

    Ive been offered along the lines of $90 for a banner to be displayed for a month period. Ive looked for comparisons and cant find any, I know there are people here with high-traffic websites and so I thought i'd ask opinions on what people think is a reasonable fee to set for advertising on a site such as this.
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