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    TIN mismatch? Backup witholding??

    So google emailed me to say that according to their records (and the IRS's) there has been a discrepancy in my TIN/payee name combo. Problem is, I don't have a TIN in the first place.

    I'm in the process of setting up an LLC with my accountant, and now have a EIN. but this isn't official yet, so it couldn't have caused the email to be sent to me. I called the IRS and they said that my SSN is still the number associated with my taxing account(s). And suggested that there was an input error on either my part or googles.

    It doesn't really make sense, as I've been using adsense for a couple years now without altering any of my tax info. So I had to email google (no phone # in sight) and hopefully they will respond quickly

    If I don't sort this out by dec. 5 and my records still don't "match" then they will implement backup with-holding, which I do not want

    Anyone ever encounter a problem like this?
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    Call the IRS and get a TIN. Takes about 5 minutes and it is free.
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