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    Possible (unknown) legal issue with a new domain name

    I've just acquired this domain name last week and I tried to park the domain with sedo. I received an error message saying "... cannot park the domain name because of potential copyright conflicts with a third party ...".

    I sent an email to sedo TS to ask them about that possible copyright conflict but they didn't yet answer my concern.

    What I'm suspecting is that the third party would be which it seems to be a huge website in France. But I can assure you that it never was my intention to try to make any benefit or create any association between the other website.

    It's because I think the domain has a real potential. I'm planning to create a website to host football or soccer videos of the French soccer league. The domain with the tv extension perfectly fits with that kind of content.

    In either case, what do you think that it could happen with this domain? I am wondering if anybody here has experienced a similar issue?
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    Don't know what's happened here with the domain registrar, but regardless, the owners of the rights to the soccer footage (e.g. the French league, TV companies etc) would never allow you to host such material on your site.The English PL get stuff removed off YouTube within minutes of it appearing.


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