ok, I have a situation where I need to get some information out of a dynamically loaded java applet... long story short, that java applet is able to spit out some javascript when it fires up, so it creates a js object containing arrays of the values for each of several printable areas, like:
var printAreas = new Object();
printAreas.name = [ 'front','back','l-sleeve','r-sleeve','collar','cuffs','pocket'];
printAreas.label = [ 'Front','Back','Left Sleeve','Right Sleeve','Collar','Cuffs','Pocket'];
printAreas.printable =[1,1,1,1,0,0,1];
printAreas.centerLine = [ 365,330,270,270,0,0,60];
that's the easy part. Now I need to take that object and turn it into form elements. For each print area, I need similar form inputs... each one gets a name, label, etc. the same as the others, along with a few additional inputs for info that isn't in the object. I can build the form on the fly using mootools, but I don't know the proper way to set up the form... I've never set up a form that contained multiple groups of similar fields like this.

So, to summarize, I will have multiple print areas, won't know in advance how many there are, and each will have the same field names. How can I design the form so that I can evaluate each print area? Can I use named fieldsets to separate them maybe? Can php/xhtml forms deal with that kind of situation, or do I have to build some JS to evaluate the form?

thanks in advance for any advice...