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    $5 per signup + $5 per month thereafter good?

    Hello all you affiliate people

    in about a week i plan on releasing a free piece of software and at the same time opening a subscription based forum to go along with it.. the software is a base for all future modules, plugins, and scripts i will be releasing via the forum.. they will simply plugin to the core free software...

    the subscription cost of the forum is going to be only $16 per month..

    in order to spread the word without having to shell out advertising costs i have also built an affiliate system. For every affiliate that you bring to the forum who subscribes, you would get $5, then for every month that user remains subscribed you would recieve another $5

    basically what i want to know is:
    a) do you think this is a good offer / affiliate scheme
    b) is this an affiliate scheme you would be interested in and willing to take part in.
    c) because i would be handling all affiliates on the site and not using a third party such as commision junction and the like, would this put you off?


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