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Thread: Full time web?

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    Full time web?

    Hi. I was looking at web careers, and I have a question: what do full-time, permanent web development positions involve? I saw a few on Monster, but the resposibilites were pretty much just 'build the website and write some documentation'... what do you do when that's done?

    I know about temporary jobs; you get a job, go in and do it, then leave, but what about people who have permanent web jobs? Does your boss put you on another project, or do you maintain the one you built, or do you do something else like customer support?


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    To be honest it depends on what kind of Web Agency you are dealing with. Here in the UK they range from Design/Implementation ones, that do the site and the CMS backend for the customer to update the site themselves with miminal consultancy. Others here are more like the traditional agencies that Build and run a site henceforth, so in this senario you will probably do more upkeep on sites than the former.


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