Has anyone tried to develop for Perl and PHP mysql on windows XP Home? I'm about to and was wondering if it did anything.....uh, hinky.
Also, I noticed with amusement that the only applications that wouldn't work correctly on XP were the office 2000...HA and yes I've got a legal copy. Looks like Office XP.....GRRRRR
I just bought Kev's book. I read teh first four chaps on line (OY) and though I do have a previouse mysql/php book, the code was messed and it just didn't hold my interest. Very dry. It look slike Kev's is not so. Any comments?
Cheers all
Hey If you ain't checked Livemotion 2, take a look it supports AS and JS. I've used flash but the way it does things seems to make more sense. Ok,ok rambling done.
See y'll soon