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    MySQL Synch with .mdb ?


    I am new to the PHP/MySQL world and I am returning into webdesign after not doing it for about 7 years. I did get the SitePoint book to start me off on Database driven sites and a little PHP/MySQL interaction.

    My problem is that on my project I am trying to access a .mdb database that is on another server from my webserver. I have searched on several boards and have seen that some people synch the mdb to MySQL and then go from there and others access the mdb using ODBC connect methods.

    Since my mdb file is on one server, and my web/php/mysql stuff is on another, what would the best way to go about this be? I can't seem to find info on accessing a mdb file through a network.

    THanks for your help.

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    You can access an .mdb file through a network as long as it is in a mappable location. i.e. A Local Area Network or you are using XP and can set up a remote Network Place to the Server.

    If possible it would be easier and more secure to move both databases to the same server. If you give some more details about the setup of the two servers and the network in general, We can come up with a plan to allow you to access both databases from your application.
    Wayne Luke


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