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    Feedback needed for Syncman and Buildman tools

    Some time ago I hacked up these two tools Syncman and Buildman and now I'm looking for feedback, critique and maybe help in further development.

    In short, Syncman is an application which simplifies projects remote deployment and synchronization by providing both nice web UI(great for managers and other non-technical personnel) and basic shell interface.

    Buildman is a simple tool which helps to easily establish a Continuous Integration process for your applications.

    I would be very grateful for just any kind of feedback about these tools. And of course, if you are willing to help or contribute in some way you are welcomed, since they are released under Open Source license(LGPL).

    The key thing about these two tools is their simplicity of internal design and usage which I would like to preserve as much as possible. For example, if you need a much more complicated deployment procedure you should better use something like Capistrano instead of Syncman, or, similarly, you would better use CruiseControl instead of Buildman if you need a more complicated Continuous Integration process.
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