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Thread: Column*rows

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    music site

    My contact form had a 250 (I just increased it to 300) character limit to the message field, so the end was cut off
    ..... i am very serously about this business. if you might be in
    If this site is to be a serious endeavor rather than a "beginner" site, there are a few issues to consider. You are off to a good start, but depending on what your primary goal of the site is, (learning how to develop a site / learning javascript / having a "pro" site right away), you may want to hire a developer.
    For example, as it is now, the site depends on javascript being enabled. Pulling info from an XML file to display page content could be done with a server-side language like PHP and be more reliable than using javascript to do it.
    That said, if your target users are almost certain to have javascript enabled anyway, you could do it with javascript (and maybe make improvements as you get the time to make them).
    If time is not a factor and/or money is, then you could do it yourself. But you can't depend on having others write code for you even though most forum members are happy to help you solve particular problems (help vs. do). And even then, you really should understand at least the basics of the code.
    Have you had a chance to come up with any "row filler" code yet? ie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mittineague
    As it is, the code will work OK as long as the images are always in multiples of 3
    But if there isn't, the mark-up will be broken. eg. (3, 6, 9 ... etc will be)
    but (1, 4, 7 ... etc will be)
    and (2, 5, 6 ... etc will be)
    so there needs to be some way to add empty cells to fill out any partial rows and add the closing tr tag.
    Even though the page may look OK, and some browsers may even be fixing it, IMHO a serious site should at least have well-formed and valid mark-up as it is impossible to test for all possible browsers and some poor user will eventually have problems. Having well-formed valid mark-up is one of your best assurances that the page will render as you desire it to no matter what browser is used.

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    My problems is I can read some code but I can't write one.
    I don't have money to hire someone to create a pro site.
    I only got the idea. I understand it's bad and I could not ask people to "DO" this for me.

    But I am looking for people could see the same future of my idea and would like to work with me.
    If you would like to know my idea, please e-mail me.


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