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    Wingdings and Dingbats

    I'm looking to make some icons and I read somewhere the easiest way is to use wingdings or dingbats. I'm looking to find some free ones or if anyone knows of a good collection worth buying...

    links or names of sets would be very helpful Thanks!


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    A good place to start looking for dingbat fonts would be the "Specialized fonts" section at Luc Devroye's font links site.

    You could alternatively grab system icons and run them through a bitmap graphics app such as Photoshop or PSP.

    Iconfactory is a vast collection of Mac (and Windows) icon sets and links. You'll find a more complete mirror of all its sets for Windows at Dotico.

    Hope this helps

    p.s. always be sure to read the terms of use, not just for the fonts but the icons too.
    Whilst they are usually (but, not always) free to use on desktop operating systems, the author may have different conditions about using them for anything else (such as websites).
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