I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to make this layout work. Anyone who's been around the block a few times willing to pick apart my code and tell me where I've gone wrong?

I'm coding on a mac in SKedit and it (http://www.jbcsite.com/northcoast/index.html) displays fine in safari & FF (except for the map overlap thing, but that's just a pixel adjustment - the least of my worries), but when I go to a PC IE has issues (images shifting & not lining up, etc... big suprise huh?) and FF is mostly ok, but all of it's kooky.

Also, when I went to setting up the contact page, my footer refuses to go the whole way down. I've been all over trying to find ways to fix it (and if you look at http://www.jbcsite.com/northcoast/im...yle_hacked.css, you'll see all the fixes I tried to apply) but I'm starting to feel like I'm beating my head against the wall and i just need to ask for help.

I really want to be able to adopt CSS for layout rather than tables, but it's turning out to be a challenge... I feel like I missed a day in math class and there's some basic concept that I'm not getting that's throwing everything off.

I REALLY appreciate any help that you all can offer. Thanks in advance for your time!!