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    I have been working with WYSIWYG softwares for the past 18 months. Lately everything I want to accomplish requires more like: databases, perl scripts, cgi script, PHP, Cold Fusion, etc.

    I am outsourcing this now, but would like to
    learn for myself. Any suggestions on where to start. Again, I am not completey in the dark. Yet am unable to write raw code (except for html when needed).

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    I suggest you start buying some books and going from there. Learn from the easiest to the hardest... A good order would be:
    For Client Technologies-
    Style Sheets
    DHTML and XML

    For Server Technologies -
    PHP or ASP
    Cold Fusion

    CGI is not something you really program but a protocol used by the browser and web server to access scripts or applications written for particular purposes. CGI can utilize programs written in PERL, ADA, C, C++, Cobol, Visual Basic, Java and so on.

    Javascript, PHP and ASP are scripting languages that are processed before the page is shown to the user. PHP and ASP are processed on the server before the page is downloaded so the user never sees the script code. Javascript is processed by the user device (browser) so the user can see the code.

    All of these technologies won't do much separately but when combined together you can make a interactive web application if your determined to do so.

    Wayne Luke

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