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    What should be the price for a 200 word article

    Ok ... I know it depends on various factors but lets just jot down those factors.
    Lets get down to some niches ... that would make it much more interesting.

    Say ... a 200 word article on
    Health (general)
    Medical treatments (can be cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery etc.)
    Medicines and pharma industry
    Finance ... loans,mortgage,credit cards etc.
    Fashion .. entertainment, movies, celebs

    and what about simple ramblings ....
    For further details

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    How about this factor.

    ...The money you'll have to pay an SEO firm when you don't pay the content writer.

    When you're bottom fishing, looking for the lowest price regardless of content, I'm sure two bucks seems pricey.

    What would happen if you decided you wanted to attract traffic because, for instance, the person making these "ramblings" had some fashion sense, a catchy writing style, and intriguing point of view? And what would happen if, like some bloggers, they actually drew a loyal following?

    Most people will never know. Because they absolutely insist on paying for content for pennies per ton.

    The price should be based on how many people buy the surgery. You should pay zero dollars. That's right. I say you "should" pay Zero for content.

    However, you will have traffic monitored by an independent third party the content writer has full access to. Your accounting and gross income from sales produced likewise completely transparent. Article length will be whatever makes the most sales, be it 200 words or 2,000. You will perform due diligence by A/B split run testing a variety of articles to see which performs best. And the author retains all copyright, with the provision you cease to run the copy when the deal ends due to unsatisfactory performance or is dissolved due to breach of contract. Breach of contract includes trying to get around the deal by scraping the original content and trying to scramble it, skew the numbers (for instance using net sales instead of gross and playing fast and loose with phantom expenses), or otherwise get around honoring the original terms of the agreement.

    The payment is a percentage of every surgery sold by the content, for the entire time you use the content.

    Given transparency and a little ability to see the big picture, you never have to pay for content again. Pay for performance. Not adsense. Not clicks. No nonsense. Simple pay in proportion for value received. And you get to prove for yourself, up front, the value received before you pay.

    Terms are simple. If someone brings you a new dollar you never had before, they deserve a cut (respectable percentage). And since they are pay for performance workers, they deserve some leeway (freedom) to do what works.
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