hi all
am hoping someone can help me with this.
i need to only run this on my machine - so i can install any additional items that help - we don't need to worry about this running in the public domain.

i'd like to be on a webpage... lets say on an ebay item, for example. i'd like to hit some key (like to start a macro) and have a specific piece of info from that page written (appended) out to a local text file. in the ebay example, lets say i'm browsing an item (every item has an ebay auction id) and for any given item, when i hit my "macro" key, that current auction id is written to the file.

it doesn't have to be ebay, it could be a stock's info page and the id & current price get written to the file.

i have no idea how/where to start... or which technology to use. i'd like to remain in firefox. currently, i don't think i'd be on an RSS results page, so i don't think there's XML available. Again, using ebay as an example, the ITEM# exists at least 20 times inside a page's HTML for that item. certainly something can search through there and find it.

thx in advance

PS _ I had this posted over in WebDesign forum, but "csswiz" suggested I post it here.