Hey Ruby people,

Firstly I must say that I am extremely impressed with both Ruby and the Rails framework. I started a thread on why I thought ASP.NET was a bad place to start teaching web programming and building web applications, and the more I think about it, teaching Rails would be a much better alternative than PHP or ASP.NET - after students have a solid understanding of server-side proccessing and HTML/CSS and Javascript.

I haven't done much Rails development at all, but the mentality of a framework like Rails seems to sit so much more nicely to me. While still being able to leverage the code-generating scripts available in Rails nothing is ever hidden from view. Rails seems to encourage you to customise the output of things like the Scaffolding tool. Where-as ASP.NET seems to just use the pre-packaged solution and plug it in.

I also think the MVC model is an excellent one to teach as best practice. Keeping a clean separation of these areas will inevitably encourage well structured applications.

While there isn't a huge amount of work available for Rails developers in industry at the moment, the skills gained by learning Rails at uni would make the students better developers in general. And more able to pick up another technology.

What do you think?