I'm mainly looking for a review of my new home page design, although any comments about the overall site are welcome. I've just done one page with the redesign - all links from the new page go to the old design.

Visually it's not much different - the point is to convert my layout to (almost) completely CSS. I'm also going for a fluid width, working on better print CSS, and a few other things. There's still a table on the new home page that I need to sort out but the rest of the site will be mostly table-free.

The image down the left will eventually become a Flash file - it's pretty much a placeholder at the moment.

I've agonized over the right-hand sidebar. I was looking for something to show a bit of activity instead of the site seeming too static. Let me know what you think.

Current site: www.mediacollege.com
New design: www.mediacollege.com/new.html

I'm open to any and all comments/suggestions. Thanks.