I'm about to finally launch my new website, and I'll be using WordPress as a CMS setup. But I was wanting to get you all's opinion on which would be more widely used to subscribe. There's a subscription plugin that will let users enter their email address, then click on a confirmation link in the email it sends, and I can set it up to subscribe them to new posts and pages, and if they are registered users of the blog, they can even log in and control which categories they want to get notifications of, and such as that. Do you think this would be better than using something like feedburner? I want to make sure that anyone that is interested in my content has the easiest way of staying up to date with it. I'll offer the RSS link for posts and comments as usual, but wanted something more to keep them linked.

you can see where I'm using the subscribe plugin at www.mythreedaisies.com and www.halochurchsites.com