I'm currently planning a CMS in PHP with mySQL database.
My question is what sort of database schema would work best. What i curently have is lots of related tables that seem to be nested and are probably not the best way to do it. The structure is:-
       |           -Page 1+
       |           |      -Heading 1
       |           |      -Paragraph 1+
       |           |      |           -Image 1
       |           |      |           -Image n
       |           |      -Heading n
       |           |      -Paragraph n+
       |           |                  -Image 1
       |           |                  -Image n
       |           |
       |           -Page 2+
       |                  -Heading n
       |                  -Paragraph 1+
       |                  |           -Image 1
       |                  |           -Image n
       |                  -Heading n
       |                  -Paragraph n+
       |                              -Image 1
      etc..                           -Image n
I'm not sure if that gives you an idea of what I mean. Basically i have a table for:

sections - contains uniqueId as PK, section title,

subsections - contains uniqueId as PK, sectionId as FK, subsection title,

paragraphs - contains uniqueId as PK, subsectionId as FK, the actual text and an order feild for setting the order they display on the page.

images - contains uniqueId as PK, a list of all the images on the server with a feild linking the to a specific paragraphId.

I'm not sure if any of this is clear or I've presented it in the corect way but I am quite new to this concept.

Thanks for any help or coments