How would you setup the database in mySQL for a forum?

I havent really thought about the tables yet, but so far i just created this very quickly

PHP Code:
                id INT(4)     UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
                username     VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT 'anonymous' NOT NULL,
                userpass     VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT 'anonymous' NOT NULL,
                secret_question    VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT 'anonymous' NOT NULL,
                secret_answer    VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT 'anonymous' NOT NULL,
                useremail     VARCHAR(40),
                homepage     VARCHAR(50),
                member_Referrer VARCHAR(15),
                d_threadview    INT,
                d_postThreads    INT,
                start_week    VARCHAR(10),
                timeoffset    INT,
                level_rating    INT,
                PRIMARY KEY (id)

and a few other tables called management, replies and topics.

How would you setup a forum like this?
As im in need of idea's